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Portfolio, thoughts and reflections

A talented business data analysis & computing educator, a parent and researcher who turned to game studies, design and development as a tool for engagement, motivation and learning. Having observed my children growing, playing games, and seeing what games can do to them (taking them away from me). I became intrigued & fascinated to explore these games, play them myself and try to understand them. The questions were, how can games be so immersive so intriguing? How can we integrate games into education and learning? What is it with games that we as educators, researchers or parents are missing? Let the playful gaming story and my journey begin. In this website you will find a wealth of educational resources (websites/ videos) for learning, fun and play. Whether you are looking for statistics, computing, games for learning or creative projects. You will find games that you can easily play yourself or share it with someone you know. Have a happy learning journey.

A beautiful colourful bulb.


SimCity is a 3D entertaining simulation game that was developed by Will Wright.  The first ‘SimCity’ appeared in 1989, and several series have been introduced since then. The latest version was in 2014, according to SimCity Simulation games 2017.

A game dashboard or screen of list of tasks in a  game.

Simulation games can be defined as a model that consists of game features.  These comprise interesting choices, fantasy, rules/ goals, challenge, mystery, reward and control, immediate and useful feedback

The inspiration behind Flight Simulator

What are the best simulator games out there?

Publications and Conference Lectures
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