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Examples of Educational Games

Sudoku Online is an online game that challenges mental and mathematical abilities. Playing it regularly can benefit your brain power.

CyberCiege is a simulation video game and a tool for training & teaching computer and network security principles through the use of computer gaming techniques. In this game users spend virtual money to operate and defend their networks, whilst watching the consequences of their choices under attack. They can purchase and configure workstations, servers, operating systems and network stations. It is about trading, balancing budget, productivity and security. It includes configurable firewalls, VPNs, link encryptors and access control mechanisms, besides identity management components such as biometric scanners. The game can be found

Gazillionaire is a business simulation games.The player must make decisions about supply, demand, profit margins, overhead, account balances etc. Because of Gazillionaire’s “award-winning” tutorial, it appeals to a broad age group and has been used in a wide variety of courses

WolfQuest is a story driven 3D roleplay game where user plays the role of wolf. It is a game about wildlife, nature and survival and in particular wolfs (

EcoGamer is environmental website games that house many games such as Banished, Space Engineers and Unclaimed World game . For instance, Unclaimed World is survival game. It is a single player Window PC simulation game which is inspired by “The settlers” and “Paradox Games”

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